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MISTY Nightdress
MISTY Nightdress
MISTY Nightdress
MISTY Nightdress
MISTY Nightdress

MISTY Nightdress

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TOP quality Organic Viscose Sexy Nightgown | Trendy Gray & Pink Color with neat lace details

Do you need a lightweight nightdress that will give you all the comfort you need to have a sound sleep? This is for you.

This sexy gray nightgown with Pink Lace details is lightweight and designed like a singlet. It has a strap like a bra hanging above the shoulder and a short that stays on the thigh.

It is a top-quality organic Viscose sexy nightdress made of
✓ viscose 95%
✓ elastane 5% fabric materials

It is also laced to enhance styling. You can wear this glamorous, simple dress at home if you wish to relax on a hot afternoon. It is free and not tightly fitted, making you feel more comfortable moving your body parts. It is also a perfect gift idea for both young and old ladies due to its comfort and sexy features.
Above all, it is made of quality materials; therefore, it doesn’t lose its quality after washing.

Let yourself feel like a princess.
Nightdress shirt: tenderness and sensuality in every touch.

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