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For a long time, women have been underrepresented in the world. But thankfully, things are beginning to get better, as a good number of women have risen to top political positions in their respective countries.

Even with the rise of feminism, a lot of work still has to be done concerning women empowerment. You can do your own part via the following ways:

  • By speaking out

Thanks to the internet and social media, your voice can be heard throughout the world. You can talk or write about women empowerment on your social media platforms to enlighten people and encourage women that they matter and they have no limits to greatness.

  • Don't body shame

Women are really struggling with the unrealistic standards of good looks today. On social media platforms like Instagram, you will see women with perfect bodies all the time.

While it is good to flaunt your banging body, don't shame other women who don't look the way celebrities do. Every woman should be able to post pictures and feel good after doing so. Do not body shame!

  • Vouch for your female colleagues at work

If you happen to be in a position of power, speak up for women you have worked with and encourage the board to give them promotion or a pay rise. As long as there are competent women in your place of work, make sure they are appreciated and rewarded as necessary.

Others ways to empower women include educating your girl child, breaking the gender bias, shunning negativity, speaking against domestic abuse, etc.